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New Mattawan Fire Chief – Scott Brooks

In July 2020 Scott Brooks assumed the duties as  the new Fire Chief of the Mattawan Fire Department.  Scott previously served  at the Captain of the Mattawan Fire Department and has over 20 years of service and experience.   We look forward to his direction and leading the department into the future.

We  also honor the leadership and dedicated service of Terron McClean who served as the as the Fire Chief of the Mattawan Fire Department for 20 years.  Under his leadership the department has grown considerably and would not be the professional organization it is today without his efforts.

Retirement of  Chad Horton,  Assistant Fire Chief

Chad Horton started his career as a Fire Fighter with the Mattawan Fire Department in 1993.  With over 20 years of service he retired as the Assistant Fire Chief.  Chad oversaw many positive changes in the department in his long career and we along with the community of Mattawan are grateful for his service.